"Legless" Les Maxwell

1965 - 2017




It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this to inform everyone on the passing of my dear friend Les Maxwell. As many of you that will know Les know that he has battled cancer the past 15 months. Unfortunately, he passed away in the early hours of Monday morning at 4am. Les fought like a champion and he never once let his illness get in the way or change the way he lived his life. Les was in Garvey MCC for 17 years, I don't know about you but that's a long time to be with the same drunken messes all the time. Les wasn't complaining though he would get the vodka and join us and end up being the drunkest, what can I say Les was the life and the soul of any party. Even though Les' health deteriorated his interest in the club didn't and we ensured that Les was always involved. There were times when meetings were held at his home and if this wasn't possible we would report back to him after they were held elsewhere. Les will never be forgotten by the club and we will all have our memories with him. Obviously. Les was not only a friend to me he was family and when I needed him he was there. Therefore, the past 15 months when Les needed me I had to be there with him and made a great effort to get up and see him as much as I could and these past few days have been no exception. Les has left a footprint in all of our hearts and even though he has passed on we will all remember him greatly. My thoughts are with Yvonne, Les' daughters and the whole family circle at this sad time. Les was a devoted partner and a much loved father. - Jonny More Beer.
Today the world lost a true gentleman and the life and soul of the party, Les Maxwell. A great friend and long time member of the Garvey MCC. We'll miss you bro - Trevor McCourt


My mate and Garvey mcc member for 17 years Les Maxwell unfortunately lost his fight with cancer and passed away at 4am this morning. - Wayne Hull