In Loving Memory Of All We Have Lost. RIP

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"Legless" Les Maxwell

1965 - 2017


A  Brother, A Friend, If Needed He Was There.

Rode Many Miles Together, Lots Of Memories To Share.

His Allegiance Was Genuine, As Strong As An Oak.

A Sense Of Humour Unmatched, Always loved A Good Joke.

Greeted Brothers With A Hug, A Laugh, And A Smile.

Thoroughly Enjoyed Living, The Biker Life - Style.

Riding Down The Road Will Never Seem The Same,

Like A Once Wild Mustang, Now Broken And Tame.

His Journeys And Travels Took Him Many Places,

Embarking On This Final One, We Honour Him With Graces.

As Life Has Ended Here, His Spirit Must Transcend.

I Will Never Forget Him,

My Brother, My Friend.